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Meet Brandy Mimosa: Culinary Arts Teacher, Fancy Cake Baker, and Murder Expert

Hey y’all. I’m Brandy Mimosa. I live in Julienne’s head right now while she’s working through some story stuff, and I have to tell you I like the direction she’s taking with my life. However, I have to wonder how deep she will go to uncover facts and characteristics that I’m not certain I want her to share. But I suppose it’s all good for the story. Correct? We will see. She may have to dig deep for the juicy stuff. So, here are the known factors at this point in my world and character development. I’m a born-and-bred resident of the southern city of Lewisville. A few years ago, I purchased a third-story condo in a Victorian mansion located in a section of Historic Lewisville called Chelsea Court. Wow, that was a mouthful. Needless to say, I love my home. Chelsea Court is actually an 1800’s designed court with no access by vehicle, which means that yes, I need to carry my groceries for a minimum of two blocks to get them to my condo. Then, climb the steps to my third-floor residence. N


Hello there. Welcome to my website. I'm Julienne. That's right, like the carrots. Not Julie. Not Julie Anne. But Julienne. (Ju-lee-en) Not every day one gets named after cooking terminology. Right? But that's what you get when you are gifted with parents who double as chefs. Seriously. And let's not get into the surname. Bourbon. Truly, this is my name. Julienne Bourbon. My fate was sealed before I left the crib. Sigh. It's okay. I rather like my life. So yeah, as a daughter of foodies, I'm a chef too. Turned author. And yes, you'll see a bit of my foodiness coming out in my cozy mystery stories. Culinary Cozy Mysteries, anyone? Step right up. I'll be dishing them out soon. And when I'm not writing or cooking, I'm either out chasing Woodford, my Great Pyrenees companion (we don't take dog walks; he takes drag-a-human jogs), or herding the cats (Julep and Toddy) away from my desk. I need to be writing, you know, but these animals.... Anyway,